1. Newest piece

  2. Started a painting of @hannahkatjones

  5. The Settles Hotel, newly restored and beautiful. They have good food

  6. @amandavalentine took this fantastical of @marcyhorror in my jewelry

  7. Cassandra Hierholzer in Shalottlilly
    Photo by Matthew Stegall @rivereuphrates

  8. Having a blast with @arachnerose and @corinneloperfido …. You can kinda see baby #2. Lacy made an amazing crown

  9. This is what a craft party at my house looks like with @arachnerose and @corinneloperfido

  10. I was going to take a lot of pics of the beautiful ness that is Trent… But instead I danced and enjoyed the awesomeness. I did take this though